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At The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University, the faculty takes an active role in research, which is funded by both private and government sources. Faculty members view student involvement in research as a part of the educational process and actively encourage it.

These research opportunities are open to all students, including who are not affiliated with Columbia. Many of these postings may provide financial support through an NSF REU site program.

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  1. General / University of Pittsburgh (PI: Jessie Tong)
    Posted 12/19/14 10:08 am
    The Training and Experimentation in Computational Biology (TECBio): "Simulation and Visualization of Biological Systems at Multiple Scales" is an NSF-funded, 10-week, summer REU program that provides a challenging graduate-level research experience to undergraduate students. A wide variety of the... (more)
  2. General / Ecole Polytechnique (PI: Jessie Tong)
    Posted 12/16/14 9:42 am
    The Internship Program for International Students at Ecole Polytechnique is aimed at supporting and consolidating the collaboration between Ecole Polytechnique and a selected group of international partners. The objectives of the program are: To help researchers from Ecole Polytechnique to ho... (more)
  3. Center for Injury Research and Prevention (CIRP)
    General / The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (PI: Jessie Tong)
    Posted 12/12/14 11:41 am
    The Center for Injury Research and PRevention (CIRP) at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia partnered with the University of Pennsylvania to host the Injury Science Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program, a 10-week paid summer research internship for undergraduate students. Th... (more)
  4. General / University of Nebraska-Lincoln (PI: Jessie Tong)
    Posted 12/04/14 3:10 pm
    The Nebraska Summer Research Program is a consortium of NSF funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) and other summer research opportunities programs (SROP). Nebraska's summer program offers research opportunities in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields in add... (more)
  5. General / USC Viterbi School of Engineering (PI: Jessie Tong)
    Posted 12/03/14 4:16 pm
    The 2015 Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program at the University of Southern California allows students completing their Sophomore or Junior year the opportunity to spend summer break working alongside USC's world-class faculty in cutting-edge research in engineering and compute... (more)
  6. General / Caltech (PI: Jessie Tong)
    Posted 12/03/14 4:15 pm
    The WAVE Fellows program provides support for talented undergraduates intent on pursuing a Ph.D. to conduct a 10-week summer research project at Caltech. Caltech is committes to promoting diversity within its educational programs and activities and strives to ensure that differing cultural, ethni... (more)
  7. General / National Institutes of Health (NIH) (PI: Jessie Tong)
    Posted 11/19/14 4:41 pm
    The Amgen Scholars Program at NIH is a partnership between the Amgen Foundation, the Foundation for the NIH, and the NIH Office of Intrmural Training & Education. Amgen Scholars at NIH will spend the summer working at NIH's main campus in Bethesda, Maryland side-by-side with some of the world... (more)
  8. General / Caltech (PI: Jessie Tong)
    Posted 11/14/14 11:11 am
    Caltech's Amgen Scholars Program is geared towards students in biology, chemistry, and biotechnology fields. Some of these fields include biology, biochemistry, bioengineering, chemical and biomolecular engineering, and chemistry. Amgen Scholars will recieve a $6000 award, round-trip air transpo... (more)
  9. Computer Science / John Ronald Kender Group (PI: John Ronald Kender)
    Posted 09/01/14 3:42 pm
    Research is on: tracing the evolution of YouTube videos and their tags, determining ground truth for "semantic" video segments, using brain wave recordings to map those sections of videos that people respond best to.  Please attend the Computer Science Research Fair for more inform... (more)
  10. Analog & RF IC Design Research
    Electrical Engineering / Analog & RF IC Design Research (Kinget Group) (PI: Peter R. Kinget)
    Posted 08/26/14 4:14 pm
      design and implementation of autonomous sensor nodes design of high-speed analog or RF integrated circuits in advanced CMOS technologies experimental characterization of devices and custom integrated circuits and systems VLSI for analog computation, analog or R... (more)
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