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At The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University, the faculty takes an active role in research, which is funded by both private and government sources. Faculty members view student involvement in research as a part of the educational process and actively encourage it.

These research opportunities are open to all students, including who are not affiliated with Columbia. Many of these postings may provide financial support through an NSF REU site program.

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  1. General / NASA (PI: Jessie Tong)
    Posted 01/29/15 2:32 pm
    The NASA Academy is an intensive summer project for highly motivated and successful undergraduate and graduate students. The academy's purpose is to bring together the likely future leaders in space activity so that they learn at an early stage how NASA functions and become acquainted with each o... (more)
  2. Summer Experience in Education Research (SEER), Olin College of Engineering
    General / NSF REUs (General) (PI: Rumana Ashraf)
    Posted 01/26/15 12:06 pm
    Olin's Research Experiences For Undergraduates is a ten-week residential summer program between June 1-August 7, which provides participants with the opportunity to partner closely with faculty who are working on understanding and improving the engineering student experience. The program includes... (more)
  3. SHF: Small: Collaborative Research: Continuous-Time Digital Computation and Signal Processing
    Electrical Engineering / NSF REUs in Electrical Eng (PI: Rumana Ashraf)
    Posted 01/26/15 11:48 am
    Professor Tsividis' research group invites undergraduate students interested in exploring the field of data conversion and signal processing to apply to the 10-week Research Experience for Undergraduates Program for the summer of 2015. Possible projects include asynchronous data conversion (anal... (more)
  4. Virginia Tech
    General / NSF REUs (General) (PI: Rumana Ashraf)
    Posted 01/12/15 11:52 am
    The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) is A 10-week summer program for undergraduates interested in exploring a multiscale apporach to biomechanical research. Students will be fully integrated into participating research groups and will experience hands-on lab research, group meetings, ... (more)
  5. SURF-IT, University of California, Santa Cruz
    General / NSF REUs (General) (PI: Rumana Ashraf)
    Posted 01/09/15 3:01 pm
    SURF-IT provides an intensive and personalized summer program for women, minority, or disadvantaged undergraduates. SURF-IT offers a research experience supervised by a UCSC Baskin Engineering faculty in computer or electrical engineering, or in computer science. The primary topics are computer s... (more)
  6. Undergrad Summer Project
    Biomedical Engineering / Lab for Neural Engineering and Control (PI: Qi Wang)
    Posted 01/07/15 8:22 am
    Summer researcher positions are available to SEAS undergraduates/Master's students in the Lab for Neural Engineering and Control in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. The project uses rodent model to study neural coding and multisensory integration the brain. ... (more)
  7. Neural Network retrieval of soil mositure and evaporation
    Earth and Environmental Engineering / Pierre Gentine Group (PI: Pierre Gentine)
    Posted 01/06/15 2:51 am
    Keywords: Neural network evaporation soil moisture

    We will use a neural network to retrieve soil mositure and evaporation from remote sensing imagery in order to define a global high frequency (daily) product.

  8. Undergrad Summer Project
    Biomedical Engineering / Clark T. Hung Group (PI: Clark T. Hung)
    Posted 01/05/15 1:26 pm
    A position for a summer researcher (SEAS undergraduate or Master's student) to work on projects related to cartilage tissue engineering and repair is open in the Cellular Engineering Laboratory directed by Dr. Clark T. Hung.  The project will involve bioengineering, stem cells, and cell cult... (more)
  9. General / University of Pittsburgh (PI: Jessie Tong)
    Posted 12/19/14 10:08 am
    The Training and Experimentation in Computational Biology (TECBio): "Simulation and Visualization of Biological Systems at Multiple Scales" is an NSF-funded, 10-week, summer REU program that provides a challenging graduate-level research experience to undergraduate students. A wide variety of the... (more)
  10. Center for Injury Research and Prevention (CIRP)
    General / The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (PI: Jessie Tong)
    Posted 12/12/14 11:41 am
    The Center for Injury Research and PRevention (CIRP) at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia partnered with the University of Pennsylvania to host the Injury Science Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program, a 10-week paid summer research internship for undergraduate students. Th... (more)
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