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At The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University, the faculty takes an active role in research, which is funded by both private and government sources. Faculty members view student involvement in research as a part of the educational process and actively encourage it.

These research opportunities are open to all students, including who are not affiliated with Columbia. Many of these postings may provide financial support through an NSF REU site program.

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  1. Computer Science / John Ronald Kender Group (PI: John Ronald Kender)
    Posted 09/01/14 3:42 pm
    Research is on: tracing the evolution of YouTube videos and their tags, determining ground truth for "semantic" video segments, using brain wave recordings to map those sections of videos that people respond best to.  Please attend the Computer Science Research Fair for more inform... (more)
  2. Analog & RF IC Design Research
    Electrical Engineering / Analog & RF IC Design Research (Kinget Group) (PI: Peter R. Kinget)
    Posted 08/26/14 4:14 pm
      design and implementation of autonomous sensor nodes design of high-speed analog or RF integrated circuits in advanced CMOS technologies experimental characterization of devices and custom integrated circuits and systems VLSI for analog computation, analog or R... (more)
  3. Education Social Networking Project
    Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics / Simon Billinge Group (PI: Simon Billinge)
    Posted 08/26/14 3:45 pm
    Looking for CS or other students with experience in python/django/mySQL an social networking coding.  The project is to develop a platform for implementing peer instruction in an online context.  Possibilility of a future startup associated with the project.  Potential for paid wor... (more)
  4. Simulator for genetic information
    Computer Science / Itsik G Pe'er Group (PI: Itsik G Pe'er)
    Posted 08/20/14 4:20 pm
    The successful candidate will merge components of such a simulator to develop a flexible standalone software tool... (more)
  5. EMBIID - EM Based Inference of haplotypes with Identity by Descent
    Computer Science / Itsik G Pe'er Group (PI: Itsik G Pe'er)
    Posted 08/20/14 4:20 pm
    The successful candidate will Implement the algorithm Iron out missing algorithmic details Write a manuscript describing the project   The publication prospects make this project relevant to students who are interested in investing in a highly competitive resume... (more)
  6. Oxide nanoparticles: structural changes with different crystal-size
    Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics / Siu-Wai Chan Group (PI: Siu-Wai Chan)
    Posted 04/29/14 5:10 pm
    The student will be preparing nanoparticles of  CoO and FeO by reducing  nanoparticles of Co3O4 and Fe3O4 as well as measuring the bond length and oxygen vacancy concentration using x-ray diffraction on nanoparticles of MgO directly, plus CoO and FeO for the master resear... (more)
  7. In Vivo Testing
    Computer Science / Programming Systems Lab (PI: Gail E. Kaiser)
    Posted 01/30/14 4:41 pm
    Keywords: java testing Kaiser
    We are creating new tools to make debugging easier. To evaluate these tools, we would like to build a repository of defects (bugs) in popular open source projects, containing information about each bug, including a test case to programmatically reproduce the failure, and a classification of the t... (more)
  8. General / NSF REUs (General) (PI: Rumana Ashraf)
    Posted 01/30/14 10:35 am
    Keywords: computer science engineering
    This REU program allows students completing their junior year the opportunity to spend summer break working alongside USC's world-class faculty on cutting-edge research in engineering and computer science. Participants will gain valuable research experience and receive a stipend for living expens... (more)
  9. General / NSF REUs (General) (PI: Rumana Ashraf)
    Posted 01/30/14 10:27 am
    Keywords: photonics cancer blood cells imaging brain mapping MATLAB
    Photonics Laboratory (  led by Prof. Bahram Jalali in the Electrical Engineering Department at UCLA has openings for undergraduate summer interns. The goal of the project is to develop novel methods for cancer diagnosis and therapy. The job involves signal acquisit... (more)
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