MATLAB For Students

Introduction to MATLAB - for Engineering Students

The Department of Electrical Engineering has prepared this brief introduction to MATLAB. More information regarding MATLAB, including tips and tricks is available on the EE website.

What is MATLAB?

MATLAB is computer programming language developed by Mathworks for scientific computing. It was designed to facilitate numerical computation without having to make use of low-level programming languages such as C or Fortran. There are many software toolboxes available from Mathworks and other sources that provide additional functionality needed to solve problems in a wide range of disciplines.

How can I Learn to Use MATLAB?

There are numerous online resources for learning the basics of MATLAB. A great place to begin is with Mathwork’s Getting Started with MATLAB guide. You should also check out Mathworks’ MATLAB tutorial site

To get started, please make sure that you meet MATLAB's system requirements and then login with your UNI.